Colleen Davis

 After a decade of struggling with chronic fatigue, brain fog, poor digestion and stress from commuting and a demanding career I was up against a wall.  All the numerous doctor’s appointments, tests and methods always came up inconclusive or I was given medicine to treat the symptoms.


I knew deep down there was a root cause to the havoc my body was going through. Feeling extremely frustrated I was led to get tested for food intolerances in 2008 and 2013.  The results concluded I was in tolerant to gluten, dairy, eggs and corn.


Unlocking the key to my health issues was a life-changing moment and involved a future of life long learning and creativity in the kitchen to figure out replacement foods which were nutritious and satisfying.


In April of 2018 I took my health to another level and followed a process which targeted years of inflammation in my body, significantly improved digestion, incorporated stress management skills and improved my sleep.  I allowed by body to heal at a cellular level for the first time in my life.  


My vision is to create a simple, hands on, customized wellness programs for individuals to heal themselves from the inside out. 


Additionally, my mission is to guide individuals through the challenges with hidden food intolerances and partner with clients to become their own wellness advocate.  Through my personal experience, knowledge and empathetic, yet candid approach to lifestyle changes, you will become you're own health hero!

Certified Wellness Coach-Spencer Institute

B.A. Communication-DePaul University

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