• Colleen Davis

Food Marketing

Confused on what to eat? It is not you, marketing is intentional.

What does all of this mean especially to the dark side of our food culture in America? The dark side is designed to cause confusion & get people to get on the next big craze. They do not care about your health and are profiteers. Feed lots started in the 50's (our cows roamed & grazed) High fructose corn syrup was introduced in the 70's I can't call it food is intentionally designed to make you addicted (you are not crazy). Other countries have banned several things, why not here? MOOLA, PROFIT.  My soapbox is endless. The most powerful weapon we have is CHOICE to consume or not. Those who know me well, understand I don't judge anyone's current food choices. When anyone is ready for a lifestyle change (taking action ready) I'm your teacher and advocate to navigate through the BS and help make you optimal!